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by - January 18, 2020

Sister Quotes She is alone, She will be your shadow if you want to cry, she will be your shoulder You have a sister so love your sister because she will always with you and she never leaves you. 

Here are many quotes sister and brother.

Sister Quotes

Sister Quotes - Quotes About Sister

Quotes About Sister

Having a sister is like experiencing both hell and heaven together. - Unknown

Elder Sister is always a second mother. - Unknown Author

If you mess with the big sister there is always a younger, crazier sister Behind Her... - Unknown Author
Sister Quotes
7 Reason you should be thankful for having a big sister
1. She's your go-to person for everything.
2.You may hate each other at times. But your love is unimaginable.
3. You know she will always protect you with everything she has.
4. She's your best secret keeper.
5. Her wardrobe is your wardrobe.
6. She has seen the craziest side of the you but still loves you.
7. Nothing can replace the beautiful bond you two share. - Unknown Author

Behind every great woman is screaming yes queen because we can all be queens together. - Unknown Author

Yo I don't think there's a better feeling than realizing you no longer live in the same realm that you used to. Growth is so beautiful. - Unknown Author

Sister:- A person who is there when you need her; someone who will catch you when you fall; a shoulder to cry on; someone to laugh with; most importantly, a sister is always a friend. - Unknown Author
Sister Quotes
Loyal sister is worth a thousand friends. - Unknown Author

Talking to your sister is sometimes all the therapy you need. - Unknown Author

Always teased his sister "Fatty".
But, Whenever the ate anything outside, He made sure that he had brought the same home for his "Fatty" too. - Unknown Author

A daughter then a sister later a bride but she will always be her brother's pride. - Unknown Author

I have a doraemon. Who doesn't have any gadgets but probably knows the solution of my every problem i call her my best sister. - Unknown Author

My brother has the best sister in the world. - Sister Quotes
Sister Quotes
Siblings day Fighting for the remote, Fighting with the pillow, fighting for the last biscuit, fighting over the food, but if someone tries to fight against us, We will unite and fight back and will never give up on each other. - Rishi Kannan

My sister is my everything... even i won't care for myself, but she never fails to take care of me... - Sister Quotes
Learn to say no, not everyone deserves to be apart of your life.  - Unknown Author

Sibling - The one who's always in search of silly ways to tease and trouble you, also the one who's always ready to save the troubled you. - Unknown Author
Sister Quotes
Sister She take care of me like a mother, she fights and become angry with me like a friend, she commands like a father Actually she's perfect combo of every relation. She's like a new of life for me, She's gifted angel by god She's my sister from another mother by heart. - Unknown Author

She is mine. Mine and just mine without whom life wouldn't be fine is she more than a friend Yes she is! She is my sister. - Unknown Author
Sister Quotes
Sister because of you, I laugh a little harder, cry a little less, and smile a lot more. - Unknown Author

Hey sister You're the most precious gift i got, even without asking I'm really lucky to have you in my life always be there for me - Unknown Author

Happiness is teasing your sister with cold hands in winter. - Unknown Author

Sisters bond are really special where even their "I hate you" carries too much love. - Unknown Author

Dear sister i am walking on the road of life, with you by my side. I decided to not to fear my problems, And kept my worries aside. If smiling is an art You're a picasso of mine Just keep holding my hand, I know, I'll always be fine. - Unknown Author
Sister Quotes
Dear sister for others you may look like a person but you are the whole world to me. - Unknown Author

My support, my ally, my entertainment, my audience, my critic, my biggest fan, my best friend my Sister. - Unknown Author

God knew that only a genius sister like me could handle a stupid sister like you. - Unknown Author
Dear sister If you're feeling alone or sad, Remember that you always have me, and you can talk to me anytime, Okay? - Sister Quotes
Sister Quotes
A sister is someone who loves you from heart. No matter how much you argue you cannot to be drawn apart. She is a joy that cannot be taken away. Once she enters your life, She is there to stay.  - Unknown Author

Stranger asked,"What was your biggest happiness?" I replied," When I'm the reason for my brother's smile." - Unknown Author

I cannot describe you in words, You are beyond full stop. - Unknown Author
Sister Quotes
Sister I word 10 complaints/Hours
100 Message/day
1000 Calls/week
10,000 Sharing/month
1,00,000 Memories/year
Infinity Feelings/Life
We may be divided by places but we are united by heart - Unknown Author

Sister were sister crying Someone asked why are you crying? Sister says my doll is broken and sister says my doll is crying, so i am crying. - Unknown Author

I promise you will do anything to make you smile. - Unknown Author

Your sister will never say she loves you but she loves you more than anything in the world. - Unknown Author
Sister Quotes
Sister and sister a friendship like a rainbow sharing seven colours love, feelings, sadness, happiness, truth, faith, secrets. - Unknown Author

Happiness seeing my sister smiling because of me. - Unknown Author
Sister Quotes
Caring is my job make you happy is my duty loving you is my life. - Unknown Author

Sister Quotes To Brother

Sister Quotes
Being Brother and sister means being there for each other. - Unknown Author

My brother is very special to me do you know why? Because he always says, "don't worry, I'm right here for You. - Unknown Author

Being with you is my favorite part of the day. - Unknown Author

Dear Brother I cannot say how much i love you and how special you are to me all i can say is my world is full of smiles whenever you are with me. - Unknown Author
While scrolling my gallery, I saw only 10 photos of me but 100 photos of my sister i own the phone but she owns my gallery. - Unknown Author
Sister Quotes
Dear sister, At times i may upset you, sometimes I'll make you mad. Sometimes my words will wound you. at times I'll make you sad. But you'll never find another girl that loves more than me. I love you with all my heart and soul for all eternity. - Unknown Author

Side to side or miles apart sister will connected by heart. - Unknown Author

Dear sister, sorry it took me the end of my teens to understand that there's no bestfriend as a elder sister. - Unknown Author

If i am sad, i want to talk to you only. - Unknown Author
Sister Quotes
When we are together, there is sweetness all around..! - Unknown Author

Dear  sister when i am sad, i need to talk to you only... You are the only doctor who can put medicines for my pain. - Unknown Author

Many things can change in a period of 10 yrs but for brother and sister... Nothing can be changed... Even after 100 yrs. Their fights, Playing and talks cannot changed... That's the pure kinda Love . - Unknown Author

A brother is 1 of nicest thing you can have, and one of the best things you can be.. - Unknown Author
Sister Quotes
Brother He is my unpaid bodyguard but he alone beats me. - Unknown Author

Every brother is a gangsta until the sister screams "Paaaapaaaa". - Unknown Author
She is my sister today tomorrow and always. I don't care if she s 1 or 50, I will defend her and protect her with all my life! - Unknown Author
Sister Quotes
My brother is the person who claws me like a cat and then take me back in his arms like a teddy bear. Love you Brother. - Unknown Author

Dear Brother Fight with me Fight for me But never Leave Me. - Unknown Author

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